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New or used saddle : what is best for show jumping?

Riding can include several disciplines such as jumping on a set course. In fact, the jump is not as simple as you think, because it's a real challenge for the rider and the horse. It requires a particular equestrian technique so as not to touch the obstacles. In addition, riders must rely on new accessories or opportunities for a safety issue. But what can be done to bring more comfort to the rider and the horse? The solution is the installation of a saddle.

Which saddle to choose for jumping?

Opportunity saddles offer several advantages such as finding a very good brand on the market. In fact, the most important thing is to be able to choose a saddle that brings safety and comfort to the rider. Occasion saddles may already be broken by other horses. Thus, fine used saddles will not interfere with the horse during jumping. The horse must have a free and active back to make jumps more easily. They also offer good balance for the rider, however it must be in good condition. Various techniques can be used to allow horses to chase obstacles such as communication and timing. On the other hand, the new saddles make it possible to find the ideal size for a rider. Moreover, the imbalance can still be provided at any time.

How should the ideal saddle be?

The saddles can be offered with several models of new or used saddle on the market. However, it is important to ensure the protection and comfort of the rider and the horse. Wide, concave and integrated panels must allow the pressure to be effectively distributed on the horse's back. The placement and fastening of the panels is studied for maximum relief of the horse against pressure. In addition, an opening at the shoulders should offer a range of motion. The rider on the other hand must be in permanent contact with his horse also thanks to the integrated panels. In addition, the optimal contact makes it possible to have a precision of its action.