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How to evaluate a used saddle

The second-hand market ... For everything that is expensive (or cheaper, too) it's an interesting consumption habit. In terms of riding equipment and especially the saddle, it can be worth it and the cost - but beware! There are many things to know when embarking on the purchase of a used saddle without going through a professional.

Buy your used saddle from professionals

If you buy a used saddle in a good saddlery, there is a good chance that the pros have already verified that the saddle is still in use. But if you buy it elsewhere (to an individual), it is possible that the person does not have the necessary knowledge to determine if the saddle is good for use, especially from the point of view of safety. For more information on how to assess and identify defects in a used saddle go to the website. Do not hesitate to take a look for great info !!

The considerations to take

When looking for a cheap antares saddles, used saddles are a good option. You'll get more for your money than with a new saddle, you do not need to break it and many used saddles are still in good condition. But like a car, some repairs are so expensive that they can turn a good deal into a nightmare. On a used saddle it is also very important to look if the tree is not broken, twisted or damaged, because if it is the interest of having a solid tree cancels. An asymmetrical pommel can cause more serious problems on both the horse and the rider; pain, injury, poor position or discomfort of the rider. Sometimes the tree is not broken but twisted which is not good either, the saddle will not rest evenly on the horse's back and the weight of the rider will only aggravate the phenomenon.