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If you have just started in the horse world and are trying to reduce your expenses, you may want to consider a used saddle. Used saddles have the advantage of not needing a "break-in" period and leather, provided it has been well maintained . If you're looking for good stool, visit the site equitack.com!

Is the saddle adapted to the horse?

The metal parts of the tree must exactly match the morphology of the horse and clear the shoulder. The saddle must not go beyond the last vertebra to which the ribs are attached. (We feel it easily). Otherwise, the weight of the rider will be too much on the back and will hinder the engagement of the hindquarters. If, on the contrary, the seat plunges forward, it will press too much on the forehand. Ideally, the rider should be seated at the 13th vertebra, as recommended by Rosa (Bettina recommends sitting on the 15th dorsal and not the 13th as Rosa tells you to choose).

For old stools, check that :

  • the tree is in good condition

  • no nail exceeds (it happens) or a screw thread is distorted

  • the saddle has no "hole" made by the previous rider and that the padding is equal

  • the condition of the counter-straps which must be independent of each other.

All used saddles offered for sale are reviewed and certified in the workshops. Technical advisers remain at your disposal to guide you to the best choice for you and your horse. The stock of their used saddle fluctuates, do not hesitate to consult Equitack regularly.

These few points unfortunately do not find the ideal saddle for each rider, but it may be some tracks that can help to determine. The most important thing to keep in mind is above all the safety and comfort of the horse and the rider.