Your link with horses

The horse is the biggest conquest of the Humanity: domesticated more than five thousand years ago, firstly it was destined to be yoked, to carry people and goods and field tilling. Then it has been very used to make war, by the Native Americans for exemple and also in Europe as well. Nowadays the horse is still an integrant part of the human's life, and it is fascinating more and more lovers.

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Our blog is managed by some horse and horse riding lovers: that is why we wanted to share our passion with you and gather the biggest horse riders communities possible. So you will able to chat on our forum with thousands of other enthusiasts, benefit from advice from expert horse riders and share your own tips and tricks as well.

How to create a link with your horse

Firstly you have to know that your horse is a very sensitive creature: it is a sweet being, who hates loneliness. So you have to be careful to visit him regularly to prevent his boredom. Moreover, do not hesitate to come to visit him event it you do not want to ride: indeed the horse sympathizes a lot with this kind of detail, and if you come to see him only for work, he may think that your presence means only work and he probably won't appreciate your presence anymore. So take time to dedicate one hour to bring some candies for him or take him for a walk for example. Horses are also very receptive to the voice of their owner: so do not hesitate to talk to him when you ride, and even when you come to see him in his meadow. You also can institude one playing session a week, to have fun with your horse: he may will surprise you by its player nature !